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Whether you are an entrepreneur having a start up business, or a company having an emerging or an established brand we are experts in production and brand creation from just an idea to national and international markets, w e are specialized in cosmeceutical & pharmaceuticals solutions driven by our clients needs 

Our aim is to he lp you create and boost your brand in the most innovative and effective ways. We will help you in all stages of brand and product development, legalization and even exporting.


Our Services

Idea Generation and Research

Innovative and Creative Research & Development strategy is our essential ingredient for leading manufacturing.

Registration and Legalization

Our team would assist you throughout registration process; we do prepare all documentations & certifications needed to support you in the registration of your product.Learn More

Product  Packaging

Packaging is an integral part of your product identity, majestic biopharma offers a wide variety of superior packaging choices, and our representative will discuss with you various options available for your product based on the formulation & ingredients.

Private Labeling

Private labeling is about your vision, your goals & your brand. We make it possible to easily create your bench-marked or original product. Our trained brand & sales experts will ensure your goals are effectively reached & craft your product line with care.

Product Designing

We will propose packaging options that suit your branding goals & budget. If you have several products or incorporating a new product onto an existing line, we will ensure consistency among choices of packs to maintain your brand image.

Production and Validation

Our excellent product knowledge and unrestrained creativity, obtained through gathering all scientific information regarding raw materials & their effectiveness to provide revolutionary formulas, We offer comprehensive quality assurance testing, project development based on our clients specifications and needs.

Why to partner up with us?

To get a developer who is agile to all your project needs with the help of an outstanding team of +140 expert to provide world class services.

Benefits from collaborating with us

Planned Budget

Registration hassle

Creative products solutions
Highest manufacturing    standards
 Marketing & Commercialization
Safe shipment and logistics

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