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About majestic biopharma

Majestic Biopharma is a global institution dedicated to innovate and develop modern healthcare solutions.

We managed to establish our presence in the local and international markets as innovative and customer-centric pioneers by solving customers overlooked problems.

As a pharmaceutical institution, we are committed to provide customers with modern solutions backed by Science  and Evidence Based Research.

Moreover, we are committed to provide our communities with premium quality products that aligns with the global standards and at the same time efficient cost despite our presence in a very competitive market. 

Throughout every product we work on, every provided solution; We work with one core strategy, just to optimize and commit for excellence to healthcare providers and customers.


Transforming the art of innovation in science into customer-centric real solutions by offering accessible, high-quality branded solutions through innovative research & product development powered by a passionate and experienced top team.


To strengthen the healthcare standards globally with our innovative solutions and human-centric vision.

Our Values

Experience - High Quality - Innovation.

Our adherence and passion were always a motive for us to proceed with our vision path.   While we have steadily outpaced our market share growth, while maintaining:

Commitment to society 

To enrich the market with unparalleled

solutions innovated and enhanced to the healthcare sector. With consideration to narrow down the market gap between the high-end products and cost competitive market.

Commitment to customers

Our long-standing ,commitment to customers has led us to reimagine and develop our customer-focused framework, as we embed it across every aspect of our company to deliver the healthcare experience and outcomes people care about most so the can enjoy fulfilling lives.

Commitment to employees

To establish an ethical work environment based on qualified, professional behavior and work with a vision in the heart of all of our decisions.

story behind

Majestic biopharma


In Rockville, Maryland. Group of physicians, pharmacists, and business experts joined forces to initiate a “pharmaceuticals and cosmeceutical” company.

We est ablished a unified vision, culture, and purpose. We all had the same answer for “Why Majestic biopharma.”

Since day one, Our primary innovation fuel was science and healthcare community satisfaction.


We landed in Alexandria, Egypt where the first headquarter was established in very tight circumstances.
In collaboration with Majestic UK labs, Our first brand “Bestrilliant” was created with a quality aligned with FDA and WHO standards. Our list of partners started to get longer and longer; So it was time to expand to New Cairo headquarter.

Our R&D labs in the UK developed a list of brands powered by Majestic Biopharma.

 (Movelex, Femi9, Egatone, Capixy, Vacation..). And the list goes on till today, with potential solutions being developed in the pipeline now.

At the moment, Majestic Biopharma is drafting a new success story in Dubai, UAE. And still yet more to come...

CEO message

"When we initiated Majestic at the early stages, we established a long-term vision to appreciate three essential pillars:
A premium quality level that any of Majestic's products will never go beneath, a reasonable price for a consumer who is looking for good quality. And lastly, we appreciated that this consumer is our siblings, family, and friends".

Board Members

Meet our professional team of experts.

Dr. Moustafa Zaatout

CEO & Co-founder

Dr. Mohamed Ramadan

Executive VP & Co-founder

majestic biopharma

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Products in the Pipeline

Expert's Feedback

about majestic biopharma

"Majestic products are the best in the Mena region concerning quality,effectiveness and safety. I recommend them to my supervisors for all future export plans because i trust them and i have tried their products personally."
Dr. Tarek Yasser
Business Consultant
"Majestic products are my savior especially Bestrilliant. It is my number one choice when it comes to disinfecting products."
Dr. Salma Ahmed
Nano Medical CEO
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