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Capixy Intense Spray 125 ml
550.0000 LE 550.0000 LE 550.0 EGP
capixy intense spray 125ml:
Anti-hair loss with RCP Complex to boost hair growth for all hair types
Capixy Tonic Spray 250 ml
320.0000 LE 320.0000 LE 320.0 EGP
Capixy Tonic Spray 250ml
Hair fall treatment spray
Acts on all parameters of hair fall. It promotes hair growth phase (anagen) & reduce hair loss phase (telogen) through its uniquely formulated natural formula. Indicated for mild to moderate hair loss
Capixy Shampoo 250 ml
225.0000 LE 225.0000 LE 225.0 EGP
Capixy shampoo 250ml:
Capixy Shampoo work as anti-hair loss for all hair types with Capixyl extract
Capixy Cream 120 ml
225.0000 LE 225.0000 LE 225.0 EGP
Capixy Cream120ml:
Hair fertilizer cream is used as an Anti-hair loss cream and as hair styling